Sacred and Secular Coming Together in Business

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In times past such a distinction was made between the "sacred" ministry roles and positions in the church versus "secular" positions in the marketplace that leaders outside the church were made to feel inferior to those who worked in full-time ministry within the church.

Fortunately those times are changing. A new group of pastors and church leaders is recognizing the significance and ministry potential of maximizing the combination of sacred and secular ministry to bring the redemptive and transformative power of Christ to people through traditional and non-traditional means.

In a recent blog, Business as Missions Network profiled a few pastors who are actively breaking down the wall between the sacred and the secular. Here's a link to the story:

Many organizations now exist that are strategically and practically bridging the gap between the secular and the sacred, such as...
Beyond this short list, there are many other organizations and businesses that are also helping to bridge the gap and break down unnecessary walls that limit the potential of leaders and entrepreneurs to be the church in the marketplace.

The potential of business leaders to be transformational change agents in lives and communities is exponential. Hopefully, the trend will continue that leverages the best of both the sacred and the secular.

I would love to hear your thoughts. What is your experience with this topic? What barriers still need to be overcome to break down walls between sacred and secular ministry?

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