Marketing Like a Farmer

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Critical Tools for "Slow Burn" Marketing... Continued from Part 2

In my previous post about "Slow Burn" marketing, I related the slow burn approach to putting the pieces of a puzzle together. In this post I'm switching metaphors to an agricultural perspective.

When you are considering using a slow burn approach you have to think of yourself as a business farmer who plants lots of marketing seeds in one season with the expectation to reap the harvest in the next season. With this mindset, it's important to recognize when it's best to plant certain kinds of seeds versus others. This requires patience, timing, attention to detail, expert knowledge of the materials, and an understanding of the most beneficial planting conditions.

One of the great benefits of this strategy is that farmers get an exponential return on the seeds they plant. For every seed planted, there could be many times more crops that are harvested. Here are some of the critical tools that I use to plant my marketing seeds...
The key is to use as many of these tools as possible, while getting them to work together. It's like you're building a digital tapestry that has many contact points draped across the Internet. This positions you to increase your visibility with current and potential customers, which of course enables you to find new opportunities to maximize your profitability.

If you are overwhelmed by all this, that's very understandable (I wrote about this in Part 1). Remember that you have to choose the best tools that are going to work for you within a comprehensive strategy, system and process. Without these, you will become overwhelmed, frustrated and ineffective.

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What are you thoughts about this? What other tools can you think of that could be incorporated into to a slow burn marketing strategy? I look forward to your comments.

Thrive on purpose,
Paul Wilson, Jr.

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