How to Be a Full-Time Employee and a Part-Time Entrepreneur With a Million-Dollar Brand

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Entrepreneurship doesn't always have to be be an "all-or-nothing" proposition. There are times when people are able to build a successful side business while maintaining a full-time job. There are even a few rare occasions when people are able to build a multi-billion dollar brand in their spare time.

Recently profiled Sarah Crevin, who launched BooginHead while she was working full-time. Her main product, SippiGrip, was created out of her frustration of the lack of available products that could keep her son's sippy cup from constantly falling on the ground and getting lost or dirty. Now thousands of parents everywhere purchase SippiGrip from large retailers such as Babies "R" Us as well as smaller, high-end boutique stores like Kitson in Los Angeles.

In the article she tells her story and also provides some great insights for developing your plan, designing product prototypes, building strategic relationships, gaining larger distribution, and expanding a product line (click here for the full article at

You shouldn't wait until you need to become an entrepreneur to become an entrepreneur. This is a proactive "Plan A" entrepreneur mentality versus a reactive "Plan B" mentality. Start developing your ideas and plans now so you can have an "entrance plan" into entrepreneurship instead of a rushed, emergency exit plan out of your job.

What do you think about what Sarah did? Could you do that with you current job? Why or why not?

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Paul Wilson, Jr.

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