Slow Burn Marketing - Part 1

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It seems like every day some "expert" comes up with the next-best-marketing-strategy-thing to make your growth explode. From technology to blogging to social media to email to SEO to whatever is next, there's always seems to be new stuff that you have to do in order to be successful. This can make an entrepreneur can feel like they are drowning in new stuff while still trying to figure out the old stuff - which might only be a few weeks or months old, but the "gurus of the new" make it seem like what was said previously is all of a sudden ancient history.

I'm not sure about you, but that's how I feel sometimes, like I'm always playing catch up to something that I can't catch. As soon as I implement one new thing here's comes something else that I better do or else I'm out of the loop with my customers and I won't be able to grow my business.

I have come to the realization that if you try to do everything that every expert tells you to do with your marketing, it will lead to frustration, futility and eventually failure. It got me to thinking there has to be a way to sort through the maze of advice to find the stuff that really works but at the same time is not overwhelming.

Many entrepreneurs go looking for the "big bang" approach to marketing. They try to create the hip viral video or snazzy social media campaign, hoping that if it catches on they won't ever have to do anything clever or creative ever again to attract customers. They think this one thing will be able to carry them for years. *Cue game show sound*... WRONG!

"Slow burn may not be fast or fancy, but it can be effective."

Because our society has such a short attention span, even if they liked what you did today, they will have forgotten about you next week because of the viral video or social media campaign that the next company did. That's how you become a short-lived novelty. That's not how you build long-term brand loyalty.

Marketing is really about have a multi-pronged approach to establishing your brand in the minds and hearts of people (just because you get in their heads doesn't automatically mean you have their hearts). It's multiple pieces on multiple levels with multiple applications that you have to implement over time.

Patience is the key. Without it you may just be another flash in the pan that was here today and gone tomorrow.

I will continue with Part 2 tomorrow of what I call "slow burn" marketing.

What are you thoughts about this? How do you feel about all the new stuff related to marketing your business? How do you approach marketing? I look forward to your comments.

Thrive on purpose,
Paul Wilson, Jr.


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2 Responses to "Slow Burn Marketing - Part 1"

  1. Jason Says:
  2. I am actually excited about all the new methods of marketing. It used to be that there were only a few avenues to market a product. However, now we have so many that no one can have a monopoly on any one. As soon as you think you've cornered the market a new way comes out to make your corner market look dated. I think being able to remain flexible is key.
  3. DreamCatalyst Says:
  4. @Jason you're remaining flexible is the key. It's also important to have a broad, comprehensive strategy and not expect just one tool or approach to drive your marketing strategy.