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In yesterday's post I wrote about the growing trend of corporations hiring more "permatemps" versus full-time employees. Over the next decade as corporations increasingly move further in this direction, greater numbers of people will be engaged in entrepreneurial pursuits -- by choice or circumstance.

It's time for you to shift your focus on how you view yourself and your employment. YOU are a personal enterprise. YOU are a business owner. The business you own is YOU!

YOU, Inc. is the most valuable enterprise that you could work for. Your product/service is the unique and innovative combination of your talents, knowledge, experience, education, skills, ideas, creativity, relationships, networks, etc. Now is the time for you to start managing your career like a business owner, not just a "permatemp" at the mercy of companies' quarterly earnings reports.

For some this equates to starting a business. For others this means approaching your job search (and performance) more entrepreneurially. Either way, it's time to reformulate your expectations about your participation in the workforce -- either as an entrepreneur or intrapreneur.

Many of you may be saying, "I have no idea how to create my YOU, Inc." Fortunately, I'm here to help you. I'm passionate about moving people to thrive professionally, purposefully, and profitably.

Contact me today for some ideas on how you can create your personal enterprise.

Thrive on Purpose,
Paul Wilson, Jr.

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