Entrepreneurship Needs to be 'Plan A' for More People

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In my last post, I wrote about the U.S. moving closer to an "entrepreneurial economy" as we go through this economic recovery. Interestingly, I read another interesting article today on that predicted 25% of the workforce could become temps as contract work grows (click here for article). Temp workers cost employers less, because they don't have to pay for benefits, such as health insurance.

That tells me more people need to be thinking proactively about entrepreneurial work options. No matter what you call them, temp workers, contractors, or free lancers, they are entrepreneurial by nature. Some people take on these roles by choice. However, there are many who reluctantly find themselves in these positions through unwilling or unexpected circumstances. And often they are unprepared for this reality.

Just because the economy recovers doesn't mean it will function the same as it did before. I'm a firm believer that now and in the future entrepreneurship needs to be considered as Plan A - not just Plan B - for those who want to control their professional destiny.

What do you think? Do you believe that as the economy recovers more people will have to settle for contract work versus full-time employment? Let me hear your thoughts...

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