Paul Wilson Jr Featured on The Success Center

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I'm very excited to be featured for a second time on the website Rod Kirby's Success Center, a great resource for current and aspiring entrepreneurs. The blog I wrote was entitled, "Building B.I.G. Entrepreneurial Dreams." Here's an excerpt...
"I believe there are many people who will not reach their full life potential working as an employee for someone else. Their capacity to thrive is limited by people and environments that are not geared to help them maximize their talents and abilities. Those are the people I want to empower to make a successful transition from employee to entrepreneur.

At the core of a true entrepreneur is an unbridled dreamer. Entrepreneurial dreamers and thinkers are always concocting new concepts, shaping fresh ideas, considering new possibilities, and asking “why not?” Without an active imagination, entrepreneurs cease to produce creative solutions that are transacted into valuable assets, i.e. revenue-generating products and services." Click here for the full article.
If you are interested in building your B.I.G. entrepreneurial dreams, you can start by attending the Dream B.I.G. in 3D Live Experience this Saturday, November 21st. Based on content from my book, this interactive, high-energy seminar will provide timely inspiration and practical instruction to empower you to “Live in 3D!” by equipping you to:
  1. Discover Your Dream
  2. Develop Your Dream
  3. Drive To Your Dream
With your dream investment of only $39, you will receive a free copy of my book Dream B.I.G. in 3D, free breakfast and lunch, access to a special panel of B.I.G. dreamers, and much more!

For more details, please visit

If you are currently an employee or an entrepreneur, don’t fear the unknown path of purpose-driven entrepreneurship. Don’t be afraid to transition your life to something that may be unfamiliar, yet more fulfilling. The time is now to dream B.I.G., live B.I.G., and own a B.I.G. business!

Your Dream Coach,
Paul Wilson

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