Launch Our Youth into Entrepreneurial Leadership

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Today's youth see a very different picture of the world and their financial futures than those from just a decade ago. They are recognizing more everyday that they will need to take a more proactive role in the pursuit of their goals and dreams, rather than just hoping to land a "good job" at a "stable company" someday. Some key findings from a recent Junior Achievement survey reveal that:
  • The top reason cited by teens (26%) for wanting to start a business was wanting "to take control of your destiny and set your own career path."
  • Respondents were almost evenly split between feeling there was more job security in owning their own business (47%) versus working for a company (49%).
  • 23% of teens who want to start a business said they were interested in starting a business that "helps the environment" or that "deals with the problems or challenges of our society."
For today's youth, the idea of an entrepreneurial workforce is a reality rather than just a possibility. Junior Achievement recently produced a very informative report with recommendations for preparing our youth to succeed in the future. You can read a copy of it here:

Our society's long-term sustainability is greatly dependent upon today's youth being fully equipped to lead effectively when it's time for them to take on the economic challenges that our generation has created for them. Therefore, we all have an active role to play in preparing the next generation to succeed, whether you're a parent, mentor, youth leader, big brother or sister. Let's step up to the plate and develop entrepreneurial leaders who can thrive in any economy.

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