Redeeming the Good in Business

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When assessing the drivers behind the current financial condition of our national (and global) economy, it’s easy to see that greed and unethical behavior in business have played a very large role. While business has the potential to be an instrument to uplift, empower, and enhance people’s lives, misuse and abuse by many business leaders have resulted in the negative impact of thousands of families, as well as an unfavorable pall cast over business.

What if there was a way to redeem business by equipping entrepreneurs to build robust, values-based, profitable, sustainable enterprises that operate with the highest moral and ethical standards? Good news, there is a way! It's called Biblical Entrepreneurship (BE).

BE is a comprehensive curriculum that can be used to redeem business by restoring a moral, ethical, and biblical foundation within the marketplace. BE is strategic tool that equips current and aspiring entrepreneurs to identify opportunities, take calculated risks, solve problems, and exercise stewardship to enhance your business and develop your character.

On Thursday, May 21st, we will host a free webinar so you can get a taste of this transformational learning experience.

Free Webinar Info:
BE vs WE: Biblical Entrepreneurship vs Worldly Entrepreneurship
Thursday, May 21st
7:30 PM - 8:30 PM EDT

If you're interested in attending the free webinar or registering for the course send an email to or call (877) 916-1180.

BE I Online begins Thursday, May 28th at 8:30 pm EDT. The tuition is $400. A 10% discount will be available through May 21st.

If you want to play a key role in redeeming the good in business that leads to a positive societal impact, Biblical Entrepreneurship will be a great tool in your toolkit!

Dream B.I.G.,
Paul Wilson, Jr.


About Nehemiah Project International Ministries & Biblical Entrepreneurship
Nehemiah Project International Ministries, Inc. (NPIM) is a business training and business support service organization that offers a proprietary certificate business discipleship course called the “Biblical Entrepreneurship Certificate Program”. Biblical Entrepreneurship (BE) offers a strong mix of core business concepts and biblical principles.

Some of the courses offered include Principles of Biblical Entrepreneurship (BE I), Practices of Biblical Entrepreneurship (BE II), and Planning a Kingdom Business (BE III). Students who complete the entire course (BE I, II, and III) participate in a business plan competition and receive a Biblical Entrepreneurship Certificate through NPIM and Regent Center for Entrepreneurship.

Most graduates of the program operate small to medium-sized kingdom companies. The course is offered online and live through Biblical Entrepreneurship Certified Partners and is currently available in the United States, Mexico, Ukraine, Europe, Cameroon, Central Africa, Singapore and Malaysia.

The course is endorsed by Regent Center for Entrepreneurship, the National Association of Christian Financial Counselors, The Timothy Plan and G.A. Repple and Company.

To learn more about NPIM, visit


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