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Love thy customer?

Why are you an entrepreneur? What is your driving motivation? What meaningful purpose does your business serve? How does your business positively impact society?

Over the past couple of days I've been having some interesting thoughts and conversations concerning how I view current and potential customers. Here's a few of my thoughts:
  1. You attract who you love. It's amazing how significant your influence can be when you love and serve people unconditionally.
  2. Loving your customers profitably creates sustainability.
  3. Loving your customers goes beyond just caring for them. It's providing products and services in their best interests - profitably.
  4. Love-leveraged influence is a powerful approach for those looking to use their giftedness and creativity to benefit others.
  5. Creatively applying your talents to bring solutions to other people's problems can result in unexpected opportunities.
  6. The greater your capacity to love and the more you apply your talents to others' problems, the larger your network and opportunities can grow.
Entrepreneur on Purpose

The challenges that our society is currently facing present incredible opportunities for a different kind of entrepreneur - a mission-driven entrepreneur. In one of my blog posts a couple years ago I defined a mission-driven entrepreneur as one who pursues and fulfills their life mission (purpose) through the operation of an enterprise that seeks to maximize profits while positively impacting social issues.

Based on the conversations that I've been having with multiple people lately, I believe lots of people are going through a search for meaning, including entrepreneurs. The things they used to care about or take for granted don't seem to mean as much to them any more. The amount of money they make isn't quite as big of a deal as it used to be. They are searching for something deeper than success. They are searching for significance.

One way to help people find meaning and significance through their business is to help them discover their purpose. Then their business is positioned to be an extension or expression of their purpose.

The process of discovering one's purpose, which some people refer to as "life planning", is similar to the process of developing a strategic business plan. A strategic life plan will equip you with the perspective, passion and motivation to operate your business in a way that fulfills your life purpose.

I believe entrepreneurs need a business plan and a life plan in order to be successful in all areas of their lives - financially, spiritually, physically, relationally and socially.

I am passionate about helping people to "entrepreneur on purpose", so they can find long-term meaning and have a significant societal impact through their enterprises. In fact I will be teaching this and other related topics at the re:Position Life Transition Summit this weekend, May 2nd in Alpharetta, GA.

Based on where you are in your life journey, maybe it's time for you to re:Position as an entrepreneur. I would love to help guide you along that pathway.

Dream B.I.G.,
Paul Wilson, Jr.

re:Position Life Transition Summit
"Shift your life from striving to THRIVING!"
~ Learn how to flourish in any economic environment ~
Saturday, May 2, 2009
Alpharetta, GA


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re:Position Your Business

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Hitting a moving target

Small businesses, whether in a good economy or bad, always seem to be shooting at a moving target. So the idea of restructuring, redirecting, realigning and rebuilding is nothing new to most entrepreneurs. However, I do think many of you may be a little more challenged to "re:Position" your business in this current and future economies.

To re:Position your business means to analyze your current business model in context of the current economic environment in order to develop a strategy that will allow you thrive now and in the future. To effectively re:Position, you will need to increase your focus on innovation, customer micro-targeting, customer engagement, flexible pricing, social awareness and other strategic customer-focused activities.

How are you going to THRIVE?

  • Innovation: Innovation can take on many forms from operations to products/services to marketing to employee development. What do you do better, faster, and/or cheaper than your competitors? Is your company leading or lagging in your market segment? What proactive things are you doing to improve your internal operations, create must-have products/services, and market more effectively?

  • Marketplace Alignment: Is your business model strategically aligned to take advantage of current and emerging economic trends (see Where's Your Hedgehog?)? For example, entrepreneurs will need to be more aware of their customer's affinity for green products and doing business with companies that engage in green initiatives.

  • Customer Micro-targeting: What does your customer really want? It will be imperative for you to be more in tune with your customer's specific needs, desires, and price points within different demographic groups.

  • Pricing: How much is your customer willing and able to pay for your products/services? Paying attention to your price to quality ratio will be vital. You have to ensure that if you have a high end product or service, its price is justified by an exceptional level of quality.

  • Customer Engagement: How do your customers want to connect with you? You will need to be more strategic in how you interact, serve and educate your customers. The use of social media technology, while before may have been a nicety, will soon become a necessity. You may also have to be more patient as you engage more in consultative selling, educating your customers long before you convince them to make a purchase (see Seize Your Season of Opportunity).

  • Personal & Professional Development: If you're not growing, you're dying. How are you increasing your knowledge and developing your skills? Does your business truly reflect a balance between your purpose, passions and professional skills? If you are going to ensure your personal long-term sustainability, you have to start thinking like this.

It is possible for your business to not just survive but thrive in this current and future economic environments. The key question is, are you ready to re:Position?

Dream B.I.G.,
Paul Wilson, Jr.

re:Position Summit facilitated by Paul Wilson, Jr.
"Shift your life from striving to THRIVING!"
~ Learn how to flourish in any economic environment ~
Saturday, May 2, 2009
Alpharetta, GA


*Enjoy this video "Gamechangers" from

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It's Time to re:Position!

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"Shift Your Life from striving to THRIVING!"

This current economic environment caught many people off guard. There’s no doubt that it’s been financially devastating for millions of people. However, what’s been largely overlooked and underestimated is the millions of people whose identities have also been bankrupted, because they associated their self-worth with their net worth. Sadly, the jobs and wealth they accumulated through their career and business pursuits also became the source of their personal value, faith and happiness.

The other critical development is that America’s economic landscape will never look the same. Consequently, the career landscape has also changed forever. Many of the career paths that were prevalent before the recession, will not exist after we recover.

Entrepreneurship, which before was a nicety, is now a necessity as a viable career path option. However, I’m not talking about greed-driven businesses. I’m talking about businesses that align and are driven by the entrepreneur’s life purpose and are profitable both financially and socially (click here to learn more about “mission-driven entrepreneurship”).

"From Recession to Progression!"

Most of the financial pundits spend all their time talking about how someone can recover their bank funds. Yet, how do you teach someone how to recover their identity? How do you help some “recreate” their career path because their industry is being outsourced to another country? The answer is to help them re:Position, shifting their life from striving to THRIVING!

re:Position is a life transition summit, providing you with a strategic approach on how to flourish in this current and future economic environments. Our goal is to equip, enrich, and empower you with motivational instruction and stimulating exercises that will position you for lasting prosperity in your career, business, and life. We will help you to:

~ re:Discover your true identity!
~ re:Purpose your direction in life!
~ re:Charge your passion for life!
~ re:Chart a new course for your career/business!
~ re:Ignite your ability to conquer your economic giants!
~ re:Generate a healthy understanding of personal wealth and prosperity!

There is no reason you have to wait until the economy recovers to start thriving. This summit will give you a fresh perspective through which to view your current and future life path. Are you ready to re:Position your life and career? Let’s go!

*Register for tickets here:

Dream B.I.G.,
Paul Wilson, Jr.

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Are you a B.I.G. Dreamer?

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Refocusing on Social Entrepreneurship

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If you have spent any time on my blog you will know that I am a very big proponent of social entrepreneurship, especially as it relates to being a vehicle to help facilitate individual and community transformation. I have written several articles related to social entrepreneurship, including:
This week published a special edition with several articles focused on social entrepreneurship. According to the publication, "As the economy reels, enterprising individuals who apply business practices to solving societal problems are gaining support from public and private sectors." Here's the articles in the special edition:
Also, check out this video: Do-Gooders Who Spread the Dough

Hopefully this move by entrepreneurs toward to more socially related ventures will not stop once the economy turns around. I want to be at the forefront of championing social entrepreneurship to become even more mainstream than it is now. Hopefully you do too!

Empowering Champions,

Paul Wilson, Jr.

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