Confessions of a Social Technology Newbie

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Bold New World

I have a confession to make. I'm late coming to the Internet technology party. Fortunately, I'm still evolving as an entrepreneur, as are the incredible technologies at our fingertips that are now so pervasive in our society.

I recently purchased a Blackberry Bold 9000. One word sums up this nifty little device... Awesome! Now, I'm not totally new to Blackberries. I had one a few years ago when I was in corporate. However, I had forgotten just how great they are in terms of increasing your work efficiency, because of their incredible mobility and functionality. On the flip side, because they now have a lot more applications (i.e. toys) than they did a few years ago, my work efficiency might actually decrease because of the increased potential distractions (but that's more of a personal discipline issue).

That's just the beginning of this story. The purchase of the Bold was preceded by my headlong dive into the social networking arena. I've had this blog for a few years and a LinkedIn profile, because those are for "serious" businesspeople. However, I resisted getting a Facebook or MySpace page, because I only saw their "social" aspects. I also figured that mostly teenagers and "creatives" (musicians, artists, etc.) were really the only ones using these tools to network, build their brand/image, get exposure, etc. Not until I jumped in did I realize just how powerful these tools are - even for "regular" entrepreneurs.

Can I Be Your Friend?

About 3 weeks ago, I simultaneously opened Facebook and Twitter accounts. Since then I've also interacted with Meebo,, Mogulus, Twitterfeed, Adjix, TinyUrl, Qik, pingfm, etc. This list doesn't even come close to listing how many are actually available. What's also amazing is how many of them are so easily integrated across each others' web sites. I'm definitely not an expert on any of them yet. I'm still feeling my way around to see which ones are going to be most effective for my business.

Although I have read plenty about these social networking tools, I didn't understand their full potential to quickly connect people and disseminate information until I had actually experienced it firsthand. Almost instantly I was able to connect with people I often see but don't know a lot about; new people whom I may not have met otherwise; and some friends whom I had not seen in a very long time (it's amazing - and sad - how many people we meet in life and forget about). I spend a lot of time on the Internet, but I had never recognized the power of the Internet to this extent.

Never Too Late

For many of you who have been doing this stuff for a while, I know I'm late to the party. If you have already gone done this path, then I'm just preaching to the choir. However, if you have not explored the world of social networking and the benefits that it can provide to your business, then you need to take a serious look at how these tools can enhance your brand, expand your reach, provide market intelligence, and increase your pool of potential customers. They also allow for other people to learn about you and your company (i.e., know, like, and trust you) in a non-threatening environment - of course when used in a non-irritating right way.

Successful entrepreneurs are always open to learning, adapting, and innovating. So, since we're at the beginning of the new year, there's no better time than the present to add more tools to your business toolkit. And just like I had to tell myself while learning this stuff, it's never too late. Even if initially you just do enough to get your feet wet, at least stick your toe in the water.

For those who think they have to hire an expensive consultant, there are plenty of free resources on the Internet that can guide you through everything you need to get started. Also, if you have teenage children, I'm sure they are well-versed enough in social technology and lingo that you probably won't have to look outside your house for help. Just do it!

Welcome to this bold new world!

Empowering Champions,
Paul Wilson, Jr.

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