Decision '08

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Although this is an election year, many people have some crucial personal and professional decisions to make that may have a far more profound direct impact on them than who the next president of the United States will be. Why is that? Because with the typical pace of the government decision making today, if often takes a long time for new policies and laws to directly impact your life. This definitely will be the case with a new administration no matter who wins. On the other hand, the career and business decisions that you make during this season of your life will have an impact much sooner.

Critical decisions that many people are currently wrestling with include: Should I stay in business and weather this economic storm, or should I search for something a little more stable (relatively speaking)? Is this the time to implement my exit strategy and start a new business? Should I change my job/career and do what's really in my heart to do?

Why are the answers to these questions so important now? Even though the country may be sinking into a recession, people and corporations are still going to buy competitively priced, high quality goods and services, and corporations will still need problem-solving, value-adding employees. The main difference in their decision making between now and few years ago is that they are going to be much more selective and value conscious with how they spend and invest their money.

An economic downturn presents a great opportunity to chart a new course, especially for entrepreneurs. One person's problem is another person's chance to provide a needed product or service. One company or industry's challenge could present the perfect opportunity for an entre/intrapreneur to demonstrate their expertise and experience through a new solution that delivers tangible value (see "Just Like Jazz").

Therefore, as you go through your decision making processin this tumultuous and uncertain economic environment, ask yourself: How will you differentiate yourself from your competitors or co-workers? How will you demonstrate value to your customers or employer? How are you going to win when it seems like everyone else is resigned to losing?

Yes, these are challenging times. But, as an ancient Hebrew proverb (hint: from the Bible) states, "If you wait for perfect conditions, you will never get anything done." If you are an entrepreneur or intrapreneur, this is not the time back down, but to branch out and go against the flow. After doing your due diligence, develop your plan, overcome any doubts or fears, step out in faith, and seize your moment to ignite your life. Let your personal "Decision 2008" be one that positions you for positive and prosperous future!

Empowering Champions,
Paul Wilson, Jr.

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