Educating Entrepreneurs

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A few months ago I wrote a posting entitled, "Mirror Mirror." The main theme of that article was the necessity of entrepreneurs to have a "continuous improvement" mentality. To stay competitive in this dynamic global marketplace, we always have to consider various ways to improve our knowledge and skill sets. Sometimes, though, it's hard to figure out where to go to get the kind of training and development that we need to grow our businesses and ourselves.

Fortunately, help may be right around the corner from where you live. Every year there are a growing number of local colleges and universities which are providing special programs and workshops to help small business owners fill their knowledge and skill gaps.

Throughout the country this fall, similar to students from kindergarten to college, entrepreneurs are also going back to school. Businessweek writer Joyce M. Rosenberg noted in a recent article, "Small Business Owners Go Back to School":

"Colleges and universities around the country -- junior colleges as well as the big-name schools -- are an ever-growing resource for company owners looking to further their business education. And with many schools catering to small business owners, there is a huge range of individual courses as well as certificate and degree programs available. And many schools offer flexible-attendance programs and online learning."
Whether it be to improve your skills in technology, financial management, strategic planning, marketing, employee development or customer service, there is probably a course out there for you. Not only are these courses a good way for you to enhance your knowledge and skills, they are great networking opportunities. You will be able to build relationships with other small business owners while you are learning.

Entrepreneurs are leaders and leaders are learners. So, if you want to be an entrepreneurial leader, you need to make a commitment to become a life-long learner.

You might already be good at what you do, but you can always get better. Don't make excuses for not growing. With so many flexible learning options, including online, night and weekend courses, there is no reason why you can't take the time to improve yourself.

Don't stop learning! The more you grow, the more you will position yourself for long-term success.

Empowering Champions,
Paul Wilson, Jr.

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