Youth Empowerment Training

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In my last posting I introduced the concept of Community Development Visioneering. One critical group of people who are integral to the transformation of our communities is youth. Within this growing segment of the overall population is an army of talented, strong, intelligent group teens and college age students who are often misled, misused, misinformed and misunderstood.

It is almost absurd when I think of the amount of untapped potential that our young people possess that is wasting away. If we want a successful and prosperous society generations from now, then we had better start doing a better job of developing our youth today.

My vision for youth is to help them unleash their potential and find their personalized pathway to success. One way to accomplish this is through specialized education and training. I have created several inspirational presentations and interactive workshops that will equip, enrich and energize youth to change their world. These customizable, high impact programs were designed to help high school and college students discover their unique qualities, expand their vision, and catalyze their potential. Key topic areas include life planning, leadership, and entrepreneurship.

All of these sessions can be delivered as inspirational keynote addresses or interactive workshops.

  • Dream B.I.G. in 3D!™: A fun, interactive session to help high school and college students discover and develop their hidden talents, abilities, and interests in order to create a personalized life success roadmap.

  • Hi-Def Leadership™: This dynamic, high energy session was creatively designed to help students identify their personal leadership style, so they can increase and expand their influence and impact on their campuses and in their communities.

  • P3: Passionately Purposeful Profits™: An enlightening, high-impact session that will teach and inspire students to use their personal interests, creative abilities, and educational experience to BYOB... “build your own business.” They will learn how to find and flourish in their life mission by developing and launching a passionately purposeful and profitable mission driven business. Click here to learn more about mission driven entrepreneurship.

Contact me today to schedule one of these power-packed, transformational forums for your school, church, association, or non-profit. You can reach me at

I am very excited about these opportunities to help your students maximize their potential and drive positive changes on their campuses and in their communities!

Empowering Youth Champions,
Paul Wilson, Jr.

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