Empowerment Engagements

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Over the last several months I have been considering different ways, in addition to, through which I can empower you more effectively. So, it is with great anticipation and excitement that I am officially launching Empowerment Engagements™ Keynote and Workshop Series. Utilizing interactive forums and inspirational environments, I bring fresh perspectives and powerful applications to the areas of leadership, personal empowerment, entrepreneurship, and social responsibility.

Empowerment Engagements have been designed specifically to address the needs and challenges of entrepreneurs and leaders in corporations and non-profits. These motivational, power-packed sessions include:

1) Supplier Diversity Visioneering
  • Profit from the power of inclusion by infusing your Supplier Diversity initiative with innovation and efficiency that will provide greater contributions to your company's operational, financial, and economic development goals. This session can be delivered as part of a Supplier Diversity training or communications initiative. Click here to learn more about innovation in Supplier Diversity.

2) Successful Supply Chain Selling
  • Small businesses accelerate your sales growth by strategically repositioning and leveraging your company's strengths to align with your customer's supply chain needs. This workshop can be delivered as part of a Supplier Diversity small business development training program.

Leadership in HD
  • Empower your team to thrive and your organization to grow by unleashing the diversity, power, flexibility and creativity of entrepreneurial leadership. Click here to learn more about entrepreneurial leadership.

Prospering On Purpose
  • Entrepreneurs flourish in your life mission and calling by developing and launching a passionately purposeful mission driven business. Click here to learn more about mission driven entrepreneurship.

If you would like to schedule one of these Empowerment Engagements for your company, non-profit, church, school, or youth group, please contact me at

I am very excited about these new opportunities to help you maximize your potential and have a greater impact in your spheres of influence. I look forward to engaging with you.

Empowering Champions,

Paul Wilson, Jr.

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