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Entrepreneurial Leadership in Action...

Last year I wrote a posting in this blog that defined the identity of an “Entrepreneurial Leader”. I am going to further shape this concept, which will equip you with another tool for your leadership toolkit. Understanding and embracing the essence of entrepreneurial leadership will allow you to be a more powerful and effective leader.

I liken Entrepreneurial Leaders (“E-Leaders”) to coaches of sports teams. The best coaches are keenly aware of their team’s overall strengths, weaknesses, and potential. They are also in tune with each player’s skill set, temperament, and how they can best contribute to the overall success of the team. These coaches are ambitious and confident not in their own ability to play the game, but in their ability to position their players to maximize their collective talent to win the game.

E-Leaders pursue new opportunities and tackle organizational problems in a similar manner to how sports coaches lead their teams. Both E-Leaders and coaches focus on three critical coaching components: 1) personal preparation, 2) player development and 3) game management.

1) Personal Preparation: A leader can’t lead any of their players anywhere they have not already been – even if it’s only mentally. E-Leaders keep their eyes on the big picture, namely the intended outcome of each game (i.e. projects) and their relevance to the entire season (i.e. fiscal period). They recognize that their players look to them for inspiration and direction, so they do whatever it takes behind the scenes to keep their competitive edge. They set the tone for their team by how knowledgeable he/she is about them, as well as how they match up against their competitors. They push themselves to maintain their level of expertise in their area of specialty, as well as gaining at least a minimal level of familiarity in other subjects.

2) Player Development: E-Leaders understand that the long-term success of the team will depend on the overall development of the players. They are able to effectively assess the developmental progress of each player and then determine what each player needs to help them grow to reach their potential. They also understand that each player motivates differently, so they are adept at knowing the right buttons to push for each one. Furthermore, E-Leaders constantly look for teaching moments, whether it’s before, during, or after a project.

3) Game Management: Coaches don’t win games... players do. E-Leaders recognize that they need the contributions of all of their players in order for the organization to accomplish its goals. E-Leaders design the best strategies, systems, and processes that will position their players to manage and complete their projects efficiently and effectively. They are keenly aware of various situations that may dictate certain decisions, such as reorganizing the players in the game, substituting a player, or changing the game plan.

Successful E-Leaders are able to effectively balance all three of these components. They are not hands-off delegators, that just let their players to do whatever they can to win, nor are they micro-managers who oversee "people-robots" who are afraid or unable to make heat-of-the-battle decisions. These leaders know when to be more engaged versus when to let their players figure out their own solutions to problems.

You can become an effective Entrepreneurial Leader if you: 1) Embrace the fact that just because you are a leader does not make you a superstar. Without your players, you will have minimal success; 2) Create environments that empower individual players while at the same time boosting the team as a whole; and 3) Learn your team well enough to know how to position them to win the game.

Coaching your team to success takes an unwavering commitment to the fact that every player matters. You may be able to accomplish a lot by your own efforts, but you'll be able to accomplish so much more with the right team in place. I look forward to seeing your team win!

Empowering Champions,

Paul Wilson, Jr.

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One to Grow On

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Today is the one-year anniversary of my foray into the adventurous land of full-time entrepreneurship. So far this has been an incredible journey! I'm not sure if there has been another time in my life when I have felt more enlightened, challenged, stretched, and liberated, all at the same time.

Full-time entrepreneurship is definitely not for the faint of heart. Fortunately, I discovered that I have more internal fortitude than I realized. The main reason I hadn't realized it before is because previously I hadn't been in circumstances that pushed and pressed me to my limits like starting my own business has. I am very encouraged by the way my character has grown and developed during this time, but I also see that I still have much more growing to do (that's the enlightening part).

If there was one thing that I would have done better before leaving my corporate job, it would have been building more strategic relationships. I realize more than ever before that my success is greatly influenced by how well I interact and manage my relationships, including customers, suppliers, business partners, advisors, and most importantly my family.

My advice to all those who desire to go down this path is to consider the decision of full-time entrepreneurship very carefully. Just like in marriage or parenting, no matter how many seminars you go to or books you read or planning that you do, nothing can completely prepare you for this life-altering experience. You have to experience all of it for yourself - the good, the rigorous, and the perplexing.

One key thing that was reinforced in me over the past year is that the more I learn about business and people, the more I want to learn about business and people. I expect to be "entrepreneuring" for many years to come and learning as much as I can, so that I can share as much as I can with you. If I can share anything with you from my journey that launches you into the fulfillment your destiny, then I have succeeded - and it was all worth it!

Happy Anniversary to me and many happy returns!

Empowering Champions,
Paul Wilson, Jr.

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