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Legacy. That word has taken on a much more significant meaning for me over the last month. My dad passed away on January 9th. Although it was a very challenging time, I learned some valuable nuggets about his life that I hadn’t known or fully appreciated prior to his passing. I thought I knew my dad, but I realized I didn’t know him as well as I thought I did. That wasn’t such a bad thing, though. The more that I learned about him the better I was able to deal with his death.

The compassion and love that my dad demonstrated to others was a common theme that was shared by many of our friends and family in their stories and recollections of him and their tributes to him. They also spoke highly of his character, studious nature, and willingness to freely share the spiritual wisdom and practical knowledge that he acquired throughout the 75 years of his life. I had a lot of love and respect for my father while he was alive, but my view of him grew exponentially after hearing the incredible ways in which he touched so many people. A few times I actually said to myself, “Wow, that was my dad!”

The impact that he has had on the people who were connected to his life will extend beyond his lifetime for generations to come, because of the multiple generations of people that he positively impacted. What is really interesting is that I can’t recall a time when I heard my dad use the term legacy when talking about his own life. He didn’t have to talk about it. He just did it.

Previously, I thought that I had chartered a brand new entrepreneurial path within my family. Well, I was only partially right. I now have a broader understanding to realize that although my dad was not an entrepreneur, he had a pioneering spirit that is now living on in me. My life as a social entrepreneur carries forward his legacy of love, unselfishness, and compassion. I have the incredible privilege, honor, and responsibility to build on the legacy that he started (or actually that he continued to build on from his predecessors).

As you consider where you are on your entrepreneurial journey, stop and think about those who came before you that laid the foundation for what you are doing right now. You too have the responsibility to build on what they have left to you. Don’t allow their work to be in vain by overworking yourself or chasing after money or prestige. Their lives were more significant than that. Yours should be too.

Empowering Champions,

Paul Wilson, Jr.

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The Real Entrepreneurial Life

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It's been almost 5 months since I have written on this blog. As any real entrepreneur would tell you, life doesn't stop when you start a business. My life has taken some very interesting twists and turns during this writing hiatus. I'll share some of my stories with you in future postings as they relate to my entrepreneurial journey.

I can't remember another 5 month period in my life where the "highs" have been very high and the "lows" have been very low. It's amazing how my perspective has changed concerning my goals and dreams as my life situations have been altered dramatically as a result of having gone through these experiences. I have laughed a lot, cried some, gained new friends across the globe, lost business, gained business, lost customers, gained customers, etc. I stretched myself to do some things that I wasn't sure I could do. Then, I got stretched to have to do something that I didn't want to have to do for a long time (sorry, you have to wait until later to hear this story). Nevertheless, I am stronger because of all of it.

I'm more focused, equipped, determined, passionate, and committed to make my dreams happen. Moreover, my recent experiences have convinced me even more that I'm here to help you accomplish your dreams also. I will do all that I can to that end.

I'm not sure how often I will write, but I will make sure that when I do, it will be something that will benefit you.

Be blessed and look forward to hearing from me soon!

Paul Wilson, Jr.

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