Ingredients for Winning

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Soon after I posted my article yesterday (see The Habit of Winning), I read the following quote about Floyd Landis, Sunday’s winner of the 2006 Tour de France:

“Riding with Lance Armstrong taught Floyd Landis some key principles he used to win the Tour de France: Forget pain, overcome mishap, crush self doubt, and focus only on your victory.”

The Tour de France is a grueling 14-day, 2,106-mile bicycle race up and down the mountains of France. Ultimate success doesn’t happen with a one day victory. Every day each rider has to recommit to his vision and be willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish his goals for that day. They realize that each day’s triumph gets them one step closer to the final prize. Here’s what we can apply to our own endeavors from that powerful statement about Landis:

  1. Forget pain – Everyone standing behind you is not there to pat you on the back. Nevertheless, without experiencing the problems and challenges of dealing with difficult people, you wouldn’t be able to fully appreciate your victories and successes. Let pain be a motivator not an inhibitor.
  2. Overcome mishap – As brilliant as you are, your wonderful ideas will not work perfectly all the time. Contingency planning is not an option; it’s a necessity. Preparing in advance for difficulties will allow you to make adjustments easier and continue your forward momentum.
  3. Crush self doubt – People are often their own worst enemy, because of how they see themselves. If you don’t believe in yourself or what you have to offer, then it doesn’t matter what anybody else thinks. If doubt is pervasive in your thoughts, you have lost before even beginning. Eliminate negative self-talk and change your mental conversations to focus on your strengths.
  4. Focus only on your victory – You must see it in your mind before you can achieve it. A single-minded, laser-like focus will allow you to stand firm and be resilient as pain, adversity, and doubts come your way. These are just distractions that will keep you from your achieving your vision.

Forgetting pain, overcoming mishap, crushing self doubt, and focusing only on the anticipated victory in front of us are key ingredients for achieving victory in every area of our lives, including business. These are similar to the ingredients that go into a cake. By themselves they get limited results, but when they are mixed together they produce something special and flavorful.

Every day of our lives we are in a race, not against others, but against time to fulfill the purpose for which we were created before we die. Life is not easy, but you’re the only one who can run your race. Live your life to win every day, so that at the end of it you know that you invested everything you had and you can confidently claim your prize.

Empowering your for success,
Paul Wilson

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