Independence Day

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Today as I am celebrating my first “independence” day from corporate America, I reflect back on the founding fathers of this country. We often are reminded of what they did and how they did it. What I am going to focus on is how they thought. Before anybody began to plan or execute the American Revolution, it first had to be a thought in someone’s mind. Understanding how they thought is critical to extracting relevant principles from what they did.

We need a revolution in our communities today. Just like the British government was oppressing the colonists, many people today are oppressed by poverty, drugs, homelessness, teen pregnancy, and many other forms of subjugation. In many cases people have allowed themselves to be enslaved to their pasts (mistakes, regrets), hopelessness, others’ expectations of them, or their current environment. Nevertheless, before people can be physically or emotionally free from these circumstances, they first have to be mentally free.

Freedom begins with a thought. The founding fathers began to aspire to and dream about freedom long before they ever attained it. That allowed them to have the initiative and motivation to plan the Revolution. One begins to change their environment or situation in their minds long before the change is actually realized. Mahatma Gandhi stated it very well, “The moment the slave resolves that he will no longer be a slave, his fetters fall. Freedom and slavery are mental states.” The moment that people resolve that they will no longer be victims of their circumstances, they can get on the path to changing their lives.

The ability to think/see beyond one’s current circumstances is an incredible asset. You who have made positive transitions out of oppressive conditions now have the responsibility to help others gain their freedom. Often, you will have to help those who are “visionally impaired” to see beyond their current environment into a future that is better and brighter.

I challenge you to start a revolution in your community. Don’t conform to “group think”, where everyone is stuck in the same negative mental ruts. Visualize a greater future for your community, write a plan, and put a deadline to it. Change the conversations by encouraging solutions rather than just complaining about problems. Engage other people in your plan who are also willing to challenge the status quo. Challenge yourself to do something different everyday that moves you closer to fulfilling your vision. Don’t let anything stop you before you reach your goal.

Don’t be a victim or a slave to your circumstances – free your mind! It’s time for you achieve your destiny and positively impact those around you.

Empowering Your for Success,

Paul Wilson

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  2. Great article. Helping to free the minds of others is definitely something we should think about.