On Becoming an Entrepreneurial Thinker

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If you looked at this title and you are not a business owner, please continue reading. And if you are a business owner, pay even closer attention, for the reason that just because you own a business doesn’t automatically mean that you’re an entrepreneurial thinker (E-Thinker). There is no one profession or career path that has cornered the market for E-Thinkers. They come from all professions and/or educational backgrounds, including business, government, education, faith-based and religious organizations, nonprofits, technology, sports, the arts and entertainment, etc.

E-Thinking is not an activity, but a state of mind. In essence, E-Thinkers are creative problem-solvers who are able to see opportunities where others only see problems and then use available resources to develop innovative solutions that produce profitable results for themselves and others. E-Thinkers can do this repeatedly, because they see the world differently. They welcome challenges and seem to seek out opportunities where the odds are stacked against them, so they can figure out a way to overcome them. They don’t have time to complain about how bad things are, because they are too busy trying to find solutions. They are kind of like firefighters in that when everybody else is running away from the burning building, firefighters are running into it. E-Thinkers have learned how to seize the opportunities that are presented to them, allowing them to create new possibilities and pathways in their lives and for those who are connected to them.

Society needs more E-Thinkers to help it to overcome many of its ills. We need more people who are willing to see and do things differently in order to produce better results. So how can you equip yourself to become one of these highly sought after individuals? I believe E-Thinking is more learned than taught. However, I also believe there are some fundamental practices that, if you begin to do them faithfully, you will chart a path in your life that you may never have thought possible.

  1. Change your thought life. If you think it’s a problem, then it’s a problem; but if you think it’s an opportunity, then it becomes a chance for you to make a difference.
  2. Be flexible. Look at other environments that are different from yours and adapt their best practices, philosophies, concepts, and ideas to your situation/environment.
  3. Be positive. Let go of the “it won’t work here” syndrome. Negative attitudes will keep you stuck in the same situation that you have been in for however long you’ve been there.
  4. Be willing to be unconventional. If you want to excel beyond everybody else, you must be willing to be different than everybody else. Sometimes just being positive is different enough.
  5. Have faith. Sometimes you just have to believe that the seemingly impossible is possible. Now, this faith isn’t in your own abilities, but in God, who gives us the infinite ability to produce results far beyond anything that we are able to do on our own.

People who know how to solve problems and get results are always going to be in high demand. So whether you’re a business owner, an employee, or retired, if you truly want to make yourself more attractive in the marketplace, become an E-Thinker.

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