Leadership Insights - Day 1

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Friday, May 5th, I attended John Maxwell’s Maximum Impact simulcast. It was an incredible event with some great speakers on leadership. Each day this week I will highlight two different speakers and some of their most memorable statements. Hopefully their insights will inspire and encourage you just as they did for me. Enjoy!

John Maxwell, author and founder of Maximum Impact

  • Vision casting is not enough to be a good leader. Being able to take people somewhere is leadership.
  • Managers assume everything will stay the same. Leaders assume everything will change.
  • No leader can be great at everything so they need to develop a strong team around them.
  • The position doesn’t make the leader. The leader makes the position.
  • Help others find their strength zone and keep them there. People grow when they operate in their strengths.

Patrick Lencioni, author of The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

  • Teamwork is a strategic decision not something that is automatic.
  • The leader has to be the first to demonstrate vulnerability on their team.
  • Leaders must hold their people accountable. Behavioral accountability is more important than numbers accountability.
  • Peer accountability is powerful. However, when leaders don’t hold people accountable their peers won’t either.

Ask yourself how these insights apply to your daily activities. If you want to have a great business, you need to be a strong leader. How focused are you on strengthening your leadership skills?

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