Help for Rwanda

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Last week I wrote an entry, “Entrepreneurs Needed in Africa.” I said that I was going to become a student of that continent so I could use my entrepreneurial skills and business knowledge to empower as many people over there as I can. Well, in October I will have the opportunity to study Rwanda in person. I am going on a short-term missions trip over there from October 2–12, 2006.

The team of people I am going with will provide practical assistance to their local churches in meeting the spiritual, physical, and financial needs of the Rwandan people. If ever there was an area of the world in desperate need for love, hope, forgiveness, and revival, Rwanda is on the top of the list. One only needs to remember the 1994 genocide or the current tragedies taking place in Darfur to be reminded that there is much healing and rebuilding needed there.

I want to give you or your business an opportunity to be a part of this great event through a sponsorship. In exchange for your sponsorship of this trip, I will provide you with an article and a featured link on this blog highlighting your business, non-profit, or community service organization. This will be an incredible chance for you to empower people and change lives across the globe.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for this trip, please send me an email at and we can discuss your options. All of the travel arrangements are being handled by Global Missions Fellowship. You can even submit your contribution online at if that is more comfortable for you.

Your tax deductible contribution will make a huge difference for many lives. I’m reminded that the eternal benefits attached to this trip are not only for people of Rwanda, or even the missionaries going, but also for everyone enabling this trip to become a reality. And that prayerfully includes you.

With much appreciation,

Paul Wilson

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  1. peculiar VIrtue Says:
  2. You know what? God bless you for stepping up to assist and minister to our African brothers and sisters. THis will be a life-changing experience both for your group and the people in Rwanda. You have my prayers for a safe and successful journey!