New Entrepreneurial Opportunity

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Soon, you will be hearing more from me in a different venue. I have been selected as an Institute Fellow at the Institute for Entrepreneurial Thinking, the leading authority on issues related to minority business development and supplier diversity. The Institute is committed to providing leading edge insight about the oppportunities and challenges related to minority business development. I feel privileged to be working with Dr. Melvin Gravely and having the opportunity to contribute to the innovative thinking and powerful ideas provided by the Institute.

In terms of what I'll be doing during my fellowship, my passion and experience in the fields of minority business development and youth leadership will be utilized to explore research and strategies in the area of youth entrepreneurship. We believe there is some unchartered territory here that could use some more creative, practical solutions to improve the lives and future prospects of younger generations. I will send out an annoucement once something is published.

I am excitedly looking forward to this incredible opportunity to promote entrepreneurial empowerment for youth. Look to hear from me soon!

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