Silver Lining

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It is truly heartbreaking to see the physical devastation that has happened in the Gulf Coast. It is even more heartbreaing to think of the lives that have been totally transformed forever by these catastrophic events. One of the key things that clearly has been exposed is the fact that abject poverty is not a thing of the past in this country. Instead, it might possibly be more prevalent now than in the past (which is truly sad considering all of the advancements that this country has made). Yet, there must be some solution that not only could help alleviate some of these problems, but assists people in developing a greater sense of purpose and self-worth, while also empowering them economically.

There is a silver lining in these dark days for the people of the Gulf Coast. The end of one era has created the opportunity for fresh beginnings to be built on new foundations of hope. It is my hope in this forum that I can bring some critical thought and creative ideas to help make the concept of personal economic empowerment a reality for more people. One key way to do this is through business ownership and entrepreneurship.

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